Different & differently – these are the words that for most of us had a bitter taste in our adolescence. They are like labels that are enclosed in a place that you can not see, but the others can. You would like to remove it, but only later you realise – it is invisible. It's like an invisible ink tattooed on the face, arm, chest, feet. It seems that you go and shine from a distance, and people are whispering to each other: Oh, look! Here he comes – the Different! And then they say with the intension to teach you: can you be like everyone else? Can you be normal? Do you realy need to stand out? Just do not think that you are built from another clay. Just do not think that you are different!

And then comes the day when you stand bravely and express what you think. Essentially.

This year, the soul of the festival COM • MEDIA takes a shape of a body and clings to the roof of the city and stands upside down screaming: Hey, people! It is worth the look to the world from the other point of view. Unlike a year ago. Unlike yeasterday. Unlike few minutes ago. To look at the eyes of a neighbor, stranger or famous hero. To talk and speak differently and even to touch the subjects that were strange and not important for conversation. To discover and once more to fall in love for loved. To visit the theater at night and listen to the OTHERS. Not only those whose works are already rejoiced by the crowds, but also those whose world is still waiting. To open the door to others who have long sought their own language and now wants to share it. To accept them as they are because the world is not too tight for us.

If any Different than you would knock at the door of your house or flat, would you let him in? Would you feed him? Would you give a glass of water or a night talk about silence? Would you tell him your story if he asks: how are you?

There is also a feeling of shame and desperance. And tears through laughter or laughing through the troubled heart. If we would watch all the comedies sitting on the roof of the world? If all the plays would be viewed just by the one viewer – you? Would you laugh or would you cry? If you could defend the character of a play - what would you say to him? If you could hug the thirsty one, would you? Having a chance to look at the world from the different point of view, would you look at?